Extreme with Saigon Kick at D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, USA


I remember buying their second CD (Pornograffitti) in a long box from a record store in Fair Oaks Mall because of their two singles, and just falling in love with it, front to back. By the time III Sides To Every Story came out, I was ready for them to go to the next level, and they did, although many other people didn’t. I was so excited about this show I bought two tix, but couldn’t give the other away (and learned a lesson about buying extra tickets). I was disappointed to learn my ticket was in the very last row on the floor at Constitution Hall, but it was an amazing show, horn sections and extravagant solos included. While I don’t have the setlist, I did get the video of them at Baltimore Opera House the previous night a couple months later, and the setlist is pretty close if not exact.

Ticket stub:

Ticket stub



Saigon Kick:


Saigon Kick Setlist D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, USA 1993, The Lizard




(ok, this isn’t the DC show – it’s the night before in Baltimore)