The Brian May Band at Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD, USA


I had picked up a copy of Back To The Light about a month earlier at CD Cellar, and had played it just about every day since. It’s such an amazing album, and proved that Brian could have been lead vocalist on more thatn just a handful of Queen songs. Anyway, I got a call from a friend at Expulsion that he was playing a free show at Hammerjacks on a day off from opening for Guns N’ Roses. The show was incredible, opening with the first two songs of the album, sprinkling in Queen classics (like “’39”!) and introducing me to a Rainbow classic (touring drummer Cozy Powell was in that band when they released “Since You Been Gone”). A super long version of “Resurrection” with a drum solo and the end of “Bohemian Rhapsody” would tease how Brian would later come out during the We Will Rock You musical. And “Love Of My Life” would prove to be the blueprint of every Queen tour since, just a singalong with Brian and the audience. I could say more, but here’s an account from one of the friends I went with.

The Brian May Band:


The Brian May Band Setlist Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD, USA 1993, Back to the Light Tour

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