Green Day at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia


After the breakup, the October honeymoon to Hawaii was also off. Then I found out my sister had been planning a trip to Australia, and her friend dropped out with a month to go, and this was the days when we could just change the name on the ticket. My sister and I got certified for scuba driving at a pool near the Krispy Kreme in Alexandria just before we went. The whole trip is up at, but I’ve excerpted the appropriate parts for these reviews: “I went back to the room (stopping by a market for some food), then returned to Fox for the Hodern Pavilion next door. I was pleased to see that Green Day hasn’t changed in the nearly six years since I last saw them. They played all the hits, and took requests off Kerplunk. They still try a medley of covers, and I was amused when Billie Joe asked if anyone liked Ozzy, then had to clarify, “I mean Ozzy Osbourne”. Afterwards, I was pleased to note that a fleet of buses was waiting to cart people back to the city.”
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“Green Day played an awesome gig last night in Sydney to a packed out Hordern Pavilion. The set list goes something like this in no particular order: … In addition Green Day played a minute or two of Sweet Home Alabama. The whole set lasted for an hour and 45 minutes during which a fan from the audience got to play Platypus (i hate you) and Billie Joe had half the crowd Screaming fuck you, and the other half screaming back, Go fuck your Mums. For the finale, Tre Cool, after smashing his drum kit with a Little help from mike d, climbed on top of a speaker 2 metres high, and threw his drum down. All in all, a kick ass concert.”

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Ticket stub
No recording of this exists, but you can stream the next night’s show.

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