Moxy Früvous at Herndon Festival 2000


The band would break up after this tour, so I’m glad I saw them when I did. It was something in common with future friends at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. It’s too bad about what Jian did. After enjoying the previous year and noticing the town was broadcasting live on their cable channel, I bought a new JVC GR-D70U MiniDV (16 bit) video camera. It was the best quality consumer recording type at the time, so I could get a video recording and stereo audio at the same time. Unfortunately for this show, this was my first night with the new camera, and the battery it came with was much too small, so I stopped in the middle to make sure to get the finale.

Moxy Früvous:


Moxy Früvous Setlist Herndon Festival 2000